Partners for Theater

Partners for Theater is a 501c3 that has been formed from an alliance of theaters and performing arts groups in Summit County, Ohio.  Our mission is to support and promote the development of live theater arts for artistic educational purposes, inspiring the appreciation of theatrical experiences which help us examine our contemporary world.

We are working on audience development, promoting community theater as a priority in our cultural life, providing training and scholarships for theater, helping individual theaters thrive and encouraging talented people to be a part of the theater arts.

About Summit StageFest

We are organizing Summit StageFest. This is an annual outdoor theater festival which will be held in Highland Square, Akron, Ohio. The festival will feature theater companies performing simultaneously on multiple stages.  The festival will be free and appropriate for all ages.

There will also be craft vendors, food vendors and food trucks. Activities for children and youth will be provided with workshops in theater arts such as stage make-up and stage combat. Local schools will be participating with performances and as volunteers.