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Become a StageFest Exhibitor!

Summit StageFest is a day-long festival that celebrates the arts, theater, and food in Akron's Highland Square neighborhood. Last year's inaugural event drew over 100 exhibitors, 30 performance groups, and 4,000 people. We expect this year's event to be even bigger!

You pick your own booth space – register early for the best spots! When you register and pay, you can click on the map to pick your own booth space. If you change your mind later or if a better space opens up, you are free to switch your space to any other available space. Business/Corporate and Food Vendors are subject to committee approval and cannot choose their booth spots until they have been approved. This typically takes 24-48 hours.

Exhibitor Guidelines

As a vendor, there are a few simple guidelines that you can follow to keep the day running smoothly. Check here for information about booth size, setup, teardown, electricity, and more.

Exhibitor Guidelines Details

Choose Your Own Booth Location: You get to choose your own booth location after you register and pay. Mail-in registrants will be notified when their payment is received. The map shows the other vendors near you to help you make your choice. You are free to change your booth location to any other available space before the registration deadline (about a week before the event).

Booth Space & Canopy Tents: Each exhibitor booth space is a 10' x 10' area. Exhibitors are responsible for bringing their own pop-up canopy and/or other presentation items. If you do not have a pop-up canopy, you may want to check discount stores, such as Big Lots, or borrow one from a friend. Sorry, we do not have canopies to rent at this time. Canopies that are larger than 10' x 10' are not allowed due to requirements set by the fire marshal. Please note that you will be setup on the street, not a lawn, so tents that require guidelines and spikes are not recommended. Jugs of water can be a good replacement for spikes.

Be Creative! Your booth space helps set a fun tone for the event. We love seeing creative use of the space and have often been happily surprised by the unusual ways that our vendors have presented their wares at past festivals. As long as you are not intruding on your neighbor's space, feel free to extend a few feet outside of your booth space and into the street.

Setup Procedure: Booth setup begins at 8 AM. You will be allowed to drive one vehicle to a spot near your booth space. Driving inside the event footprint is one-way (headed west, away from downtown). Please arrive at the corner of Grand Avenue and West Market Street headed towards the west. Volunteers will check you in and direct you to your booth space. Once you have unloaded your vehicle, we ask that you take it outside of the event footprint prior to setting up. This will help other vendors get through the unloading process more quickly. Volunteers will keep an eye on your items while you park. Vendors that arrive after 10 AM will not be allowed to drive to their booth location. Late arrivals must park and then carry their goods to their booth space. Booth setup must be completed by 10:45 AM.

Tear down: Exhibitors must keep their booths up until at least 5 PM. Vehicles will not be allowed inside the event footprint while the event is still active. Please be prepared to carry your goods to your vehicle during tear down. All booths must be removed from the street by 8 PM so that the street can be opened to public traffic.

Electricity: Electricity is not available for vendor booths. Food vendors may use quiet generators.

Food Vendors: All food vendors must have their own insurance and appropriate certification from the Health Department. If you are selling food items that are made at home, you must follow Ohio's cottage food rules. Alcohol sales are not allowed. Food vendors are allowed to use quiet generators as long as they do not conflict with the performances. Please communicate your electricity needs with us when registering.

Exhibitor Registration

You choose your booth space after registering below or when we receive your payment (first come, first choice). To register by mail, please use the mail-in registration form.

Primary Contact
Exhibitor Information
Must be under 18 or have a valid college ID, selling own work
Selling own work that is created/constructed by you
Own grown food or prepared under cottage food rules
Non-profit organizations and community groups
Service companies and works produced by others. Subject to committee approval.
Ready-to-eat food. Limited space available. Subject to committee approval.
Ready-to-eat food. Limit space available. Subject to committee approval.

I have a promo code.

You choose your booth space after your registration has been submitted. Business/Corporate and Food Vendors must be approved before they can choose a booth location.